H1B Stamping Experience for Direct Employee in Mumbai Consulate


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I went for Stamping on 16 -dec in Mumbai. I got my visa approved without any Issues.

VO: Where you work

VO: What the job tilte

VO: Whats the Pay

VO: whats the education and background

VO: from where did you graduated

VO: Are you Maried

VO: you visa has been approved, you will get your passport in Mail with 2-3 days

I am FTE with every good company. Not a single document was ask.

I have seen lots of pink form and blue form where give to people who were not FTE. I heard VO asking for Client Letter or any manager do u report at site. Also I heard why you company is located at X state and your pay cheque run from Y state.

Please be carefull if you go to Mumbai consulate for visa stamping if ur are consultant.

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