H1b visa transfer when outside of US


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I had valid H1b petition for another 2 years, but in the recent visa interview at Hyderabad, my visa was refused on 221g reasons and was informed that the petition will be sent for revocation to USCIS. My employer says USCIS will send an RFE before revocation and that's when the attorney can manage it not to revoke. Thats when I can reappear for visa interview .

In this regards I have these couple of questions on which my future is dependent:

1. Will USCIS send an RFE in such case or revoke my petition directly, if so, how long will it take for the RFE ?

2. Currently my I797 petition status is still active, I do not have valid visa or I94, Can I initiate a H1 transfer to another employer in such situation(while in India)

3. My wife has valid H4 visa stamped before mine got rejected, can she enter US while I am in India .

4. Can I appear in a different consulate for my next visa interview ?

Please help me finding some options by replying for the above with the best of your knowledge.

Thanks a lot in advance..


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