Any visa alternatives for H1B


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Hi All,

I got a job offer from a company in US recently, However, when they were about to file my H1B petition, the cap was over. Is there any alternate visa option available? Currently I'm on H4 visa. I had done some research online and just want to know if these options are workable:

B1 in lieu of H1B: Joining as an employee in the company's India office. Then working in US on B1 in lieu of H1B for 9 months till my H1 is filed for the next year.

L1 visa: I'm not sure if 1 year experience in the company is a hard and fast rule for getting an L1 visa, As I ll be new to the company, can I work in India for 1-2 months and then apply for L1 visa?

Please suggest any another alternatives available for my case.



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