H1B Visa and I-94 question


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I have a H1B visa stamping on my passport that is valid till May 2012, but last time when I entered US, I was given a shorter duration on my I-94 due to my passport expiring earlier. I later got my passport renewed and extended my I-94 by extending my H1B till 2014. So I presently have two I-797, older one that goes till May 2012 and the new one going till 2014 and visa stamping on my passport is valid till May 2012 as well. I plan to go to India in Dec and come back in January with my exisitng visa stamping. I'm told that I can do that and I can show both of my I-797 at the port of entry. Does anybody know what duration I will get on my I-94 on my entry?

Please let me know if I can do the above without any problem.

I'd appreciate all of your help on this.


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Thanks for the quick response.

Did they question you why you didn't get your visa stamped this time? If so, what do we say? Like you said, jopefully they give me I-94 based on new I-797, but suppose if they don't what are my actions after that? Do I have to go out and get a stamping before May 2012?

Again, Thanks for your help. Much appreciated.

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