i129 - Part 5 - Question 3 - Client Name required or just address is enough???


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I have a question about question #3, in Part 5, of I129

Below is the question from I129

3. Address where the beneficiary(es) will work if different from address in Part 1(street number and name, city/town , state, zip code).

My I129 does not have client name in I129, it has only the client address ,for ex; 1234, richie street, Newyork, 12345. This address is exactly the same as what is present in LCA. But in LCA, my client name is also present, ex: Client A

I just wanted to check as to

1) whether there any issue if I dont have the client name mentioned in the above question in i129. Some one told me that you should have the client name before the address. I wanted to check if this is an issue ??

2) Would I have any issues if I go to stamping with out client name in i129.



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