Multiple h1b filing after applying for GC I140


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My employer "A" has filed for h1b extension and got RFE. Filed the response.Lawyer says things look good, filed proper RFE response.........My company "A" merged with another company "B". I have already applied my GC I140 processing from company "A"...... Now company "B" is saying that as backup we will apply for my new H1b through company "B".......just in case my h1b from company "A" is not approved.

I am worried, if it is going to effect my GC processing, My reputation as employee and My h1b status.?

is it ok to file another h1b while my GC is in process?

do i need to go back to my country if my h1b is denied from company "A".... while the h1b is in process from company "B"?

is it legal to apply for h1b extension and new h1b at the same time.?

Appreciate any help

Thank you

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