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the hyd VFS website states that experience letters are needed to be submitted in advance

i do not have the experience letter from my previous employer yet and it would be ready by the interview time.

But i would not be able to submit it 3 days in advance with other docs..is it going to be a problem?

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@ Rasheed ,

I agree with you !!! Yes its not mandatory that you have to submit it 3 days Prior .... Its good if you can submit those , I think they will verify those documents we have submitted or may be they will prepare questions for us in mean time to give 221 (g) :p :p Crazyyyy visas ....

Vidhya !!

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Hey Rasheed ,

This post I read it some where fyi :

I had interview on Tuesday and they accepted my documents on Friday. I later learnt that there are lot of people who do not follow this protocol and end up standing in a long line at the consulate office on the day of interview, which seemed like an anxious and stressful process. Your interview could be delayed by 2-4 hours if you don’t submit the documents earlier. I would strongly recommend submitting the documents earlier.

So its good I suppose instead of standing in the long Que :)

Good Luck

Vidhya !!

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