Tracking Passport- LExpress


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I had my interview on Monday (11/7) with Ottawa consulate. My visa has been approved.

I tracked in Loomis Express with the reference number, still I am receiving below message.

No record found for this reference number.

How long it will take to collect the passport?

If someone could please help share some insight on this that would be appreciated.



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Any updates on your tracking status ?

Could you share some more info for everyone here.

What date did you receive the waybill number and was is posted on usvisa webpage ?

FYI.." I have read in someother post that one of the guys has received a confirmation email from loomin express asking to pickup PP, but the status/ number was not updated on usvisa webpage"

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As of Wednesday noon there was no update from usvisa webpage and loomin express . I went to DHL around 2:30 to collect the PP. loomin express asked me to come at 5:30. I went and collected my passport at 5:30PM, irrespective of the status update. I received notification email "Document in transit from U.S Consular Section" at 10:30PM. By the time I entered into US.


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