Port a PD even approved I-140 revoked by employer


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I have got approved I-140 in June 2008 and my previous employer revoked I-140 in Aug 2008. So would it be possible to port a PD(19th Sept 2007) with new employer I-140?

Note: I don't have approved I-140 copy but I have SRC number.Also I requested for a copy(approved I-140) in FOIA.

As per online information I shouldbe able to port PD according to Yate's memo or Murthy Chat thred(http://murthy.com/chatlogs/ch100305_P.html) or adjudicator's field manual.

I confused based on all these information, hence I am posting this. Could you please provide me possibled information to proceed with my new I-140 w.r.t new employer.

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