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Good Morning

On my passport my first name has been misspelled, and a note is present on the first page saying See Page 3, where my name has been corrected.

I asked a friend to get the HDFC receipt in Mumbai, and they never realized it and created the receipt with my first name misspelled.

I am looking at going for my visa stamping between 26-30th of November and was wondering what should my next steps be?

HDFC asked me to submit a letter explaining the whole deal which they forwarded to the consulate which rejected the letter (not sure about the whole story since I got it from my father).

HDFC gave my father the following number to call and correct the mistake 66547600.

I will be calling this number on Monday morning IST and try to resolve this whole issue.

My questions to you guys is should I even be worried about the whole situation?

Though the mistake is just one alphabet, should I be concerned and get another receipt or work with HDFC, VFS and the consulate to fix the existing one?

Thank you for you replies in advance and best of luck to those who would be facing the music soon.

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Hi black water ,

I am not sure if your issue can be fixed while calling @ the number provided . But you have be very careful with and every alphabet of your name it should never be misspelled anytime in any of your documentation

I don't remember anything but one of my friends had to face some issue just because his name being misspelled during the time of visa interview .

To me I think I will make sure all the documents are correct no matter what ,better fix it so that you don't have any problem .

Thanks ,


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Good Morning

I called the VFS helpline and the guy told me since I have the name corrected on the Passport and all the other documents too, I should not have any issues with the receipt.

I just need to inform while submitting my forms and during the interview about the error.

Thank you Vidya for you reply.

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