I-485 filed over 7 months back, could not raise service request


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Hello All

here my sitaution:

PD : current in March. Filed EAD/AOS for me and my wife (wife as dependent) on March 23.

Both of us got EAD cards in July.

My wife's I-485 application went to TSC and then to NSC and then to Local USCIS office.

My I-485 got approved and cards arrived in August but my wife's I-485 still shows initial review at USCIS office.

I tried calling the 1-800 number to raise a service request, but the officer told me that the TSC is processing cases filed on 6th March . I will need to wait till it crosses 23 March date before I can raise a SR.

has anybody faced similar situation?

Attorneys/Belle/Experts, pls give your expertise on this

Also, could anybody tell how much time one should wait after the I-485 has been received before SR can be raised? Is it not 4 months/or whatever processing time that has been listed on USCIS website?

Also, if anybody can tell what is the navigation menu for raising SR , it will be great. The 1800 # does not have any option to talk to officer.



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Hello Experts Need your Help, Here is my case: EB3 to EB2 I-485 pending in Nebraska Service center.

EB3 priority date is September 15, 2004. EB2 labor approved in Jan/2011, Eb2 I-140 approved on March 24, 2011. old priority date ported to new eb2 I-140 my priority dates become current. then I sent email with required documents ( eb2 i-140 & I-485 recipes & request letter) to ebupdate for interfiling they replied saying that we kept your documents in each files give us 30 days, on May 24/11 i received email saying that " we transfer your file to National Benefit Center" i thought they may be arranging for interview, on august 24/11 again I receive email saying that " we transfer your file to "Texas service center' then I raise SR on 17th august, received letter wait for 60 more days like standard letter, so for no response again I raise SR so far no response.

My question is to expert why they keep tossing my case one center to another, since last 7 months my case is pending, there is no sign of decision I don't know how long should I wait, And also I approach to our local congress man they contacted on my behalf, they received a letter back saying that, I have to wait for 180 days my case in security check. If in this case how long it will take complete this process. I think my is pre adjudicated when I replied REF back in May, 2008, if it was pre adjudicated almost all steps have been done, again why. I am sorry its bit long appreciate your openion.

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Hi Belle

Thanks for your reply. As of latest update, the TSC is processing I-485 filed on datre 29th March. As mine was filed on 23 march, I assume I can now raise a SR? This update happened today only ( till yesterday it was showing march 6). I know ideally I should give it a couple of weeks before raising SR..but can I raise it now?

thanks for reply


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