H1B Stamp on Nov 16, 2011 @ Tijuana


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I have scheduled my ASC appointment @Tijuana on Nov 16, 2011.

If anybody is interested in tagging along or discussing this, please email me at kdzephyr@******.com.

This is my 2nd stamping, but first @Tijuana and I have not yet worked out how to get there or arranged for transportation across USA border.

Do we need to get a Mexico visa in order to cross the border?

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Hi kdzephyr .......... . My H1b petition is approved yesterday by USCIS. So i am planning to go to tijuana for Stamping on Nov21, 2011 ie. Finger prints on Nov 21 and Interview on Nov 22. Since i dint receive new I797, i am not able to complete DS160 form and not able to schedule an appointment. Can you please let me know if visa dates are available around these dates? also if i get my new I797 by end of this week, will i get appointment around Nov 20 dates.

appreciate your response.


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I got my visa stamped yesterday in Tijuana, everything went well, make sure you have all required documents and if you are working in EVC model carry all supporting documents like letters from employer, vendor & client. I was asked for my W2's.....all supporting letters.

Will post a detailed interview questions and answers very soon. Feel free to ask any questions you all have.

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Thanks for replying. Please can you tell me about

How you arranged your travel?

Did you get a Mexico Visa?

From what location in USA did you cross the border? How far is it from San Diego airport?

Where did you stay inn TIjuana?

What is the process with the I-94, did you turn it in when you entered Mexico and get a new one when you left from TIjuana?

Appreciate your advice.


You should be able to find something around 28, 29, 30.

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Arranged travel myself did not take help of any mexican agents.

walked across the border.....my friend dropped me at the border.

Yes I got Mexican visa becoz my stamped H1 on my passport expired

I crossed border from San Diego, CA

Stayed in Marriot Tijuana

Yes we should return old I 94 and get new one before re-entering US

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Look for nearest mexican consulate just walk in for visa no appointment needed, but check timings some give visa's only till 1pm.

The documents I was asked were,



appointment confirmation letter

letter from ur employer addressed to mexican consulate general

$36 payment shud be made at the mexican consulate

They will check these above documents .....take ur photo, finger prints and give visa for 1month

I don't remember if I took my ds-160 confirmation page if you can, take that one too.

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I was able to get a Mexico Visa pretty easily

The visa was issued next business day.

I was asked for a couple of paystubs and bank statements, along with Employer Letter and US Consulate Appointment Letter.

It cost $36, multiple entry visa for 1 year.

Hope the US visa will be straight forward too.

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