H1B Visa Stamping - Vancouver (PIMS Verification)


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Hi Everyone,

I have an appointment at US Consulate in Vancouver on Nov 7th. As for the PIMS verification, I have sent an email to the consulate and requesting them to pre-verify it. Could someone please let me know that since I have one week left, will this give enough time for the consulate to verify?

Please let me know.



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HI Panchakal/Rpms,

I am also planning to Vancouver in November, please share your experience once it is done.

Also are you on EVC Model ?

Guys every one on this thread attending for VISA in vancouver please please do update the nterview experince and questions and few basic things about case like EVC, H1Ammended, First Time H1...It willbe use full for lot of us including me..After all we are here to help eachother...am olanning to go for stamping in december 1st week,,,so please gys update this thread aafter your interviews..i pray God who all are going to stamping should get it stamped without any hurdles.Thank you in adance..

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Hi indiaeb2,

I haven't got any information regarding who to send email for PIMS verification. If you have any info let me know. My attorney told that it is a consular process and we do not need to do anything, but I am not sure. My interview is also on Nov 10th. Where are u flying from?

email me @ vijee7******* extension.

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