Successful Visa stamping in Tijuana,Mexico on 25th oct


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How to reach Tijuana,mexico from San deigo: When you get off your plane, just follow everyone down to the baggage claim area. In the San Diego airport, there are 3 terminals at each terminal. Just outside the baggage claim area is a sidewalk. You will see the taxis, shuttles, and buses are picking up people. Look for where the city bus stop is. There will be a sign that says MTS, (short for Metro Transit System). If you have trouble seeing it, just ask at the information desk in the lobby. There is only one MTS bus that comes by. It is the 992 bus. You will recognize it by the color. It is white trimmed in red. The number 992 is in the windshield. Just wait at the stop. A bus comes by every 15 minutes.

2. Get on the 992 Bus. Get a $5 bill ready, and when the bus comes by, put the money in the machine by the drive. He'll give you an all day pass, good for the whole MTS system. With that ticket you are all paid up clear to the border. Tell the driver that you want to get off at the "American Plaza" so you can ride the Trolley. The American Plaza is the train station for the light rail system called the San Diego Trolley. The bus will get there in just 15 minutes, and will drop you off across the street in front of the train platform.

3. American Plaza train station. When you get off the bus, just cross the street to the American Plaza. You will see two platforms, one on each side of the tracks. Make sure you keep to the side that is on your right as you are walking toward it. The train you will be taking, will be headed the same way that you are walking as you cross the street.

4. Take the "Blue Line". There are two train lines. The "Blue Line" and the "Orange Line". Do not be confused, as the trains are all the same red color! The names "Orange Line" or "Blue Line" refer to the different routes they take. The two lines go to very different places. The Blue Line runs between Old Town and San Ysidro/Tijuana. So, get on the train that says "Blue Line", "San Ysidro/Tijuana" on the sign on the wind shield. You will take this train all the way to the end of the line, which the Mexican Border. The ride will take about 45 minutes.

5. Crossing the bridge to get to the Border.

Take the trolley to the end of the line. The trolley station is located right in front of the exit from US Customs. Stepping off the train, and looking toward Mexico, US Customs is the big building in front of you to the right. Mexican Customs is on the other side of the freeway. To get to Mexican Customs and walk into Mexico, you will have to cross over the freeway. From where you get off the trolley, you will be able to see a pedestrian bridge that crosses the freway to the other side. With your back to the trolley, the bridge is ahead of you, and to the right.You will see alot of people walking toward the bridge, just follow them. Walk down the side walk to the bridge, and cross over. Where you come down the bridge on the other side, there is a side walk that will lead you straight toward Mexican Customs. You will come up to a turnstile gate that is the entry into Mexican Customs.

6. You will push through a turnstile and enter Mexico. There is a long corridor with canvass awnings on one side and a long building. Ahead you will see the uniformed Customs officials. Go on past the Mexican Customs officials. They won’t stop you or ask you for anything. Their job is to make Mexican national declare purchases made in the USA so they can collect the tax. After you pass the officials, turn to the right when you see the Tourist info building that is loacted inside the Customs enclosure

Once you enter mexico there will be a taxi stand.Show them the address from the printout where you have to go whether directly to the ASC or to the hotel first.

My experience:

i am in EC model.

I went to the ASC first.

Done with my fingerprints and photo.They gave appointment confirmation for the consulate.

I came out from ASC and the Security guy outside was really nice because he called up a taxi for me.

I went to Real del rio hotel.Its very good and economical(65$ per night).Its only 15 mins from both ASC and consulate.They have taxi stand infront of the hotel at all the times.

Consulate:I went to consulate next day.Done with all the security checks and fingerprint verification.Finally i went to the Visa interview.

VO: where did you come from??

Ans:San deigo,CA.

VO:what do you do???

Ans:Explained about the job.

VO:Why did you change your employer??The new employer is paying less than the old employer,Why you have to change.

Ans:I am not bothered about the salary.I want to improve myself professionally in career,knowledge,skillset wise because the new employer has a good relations with the very good and big clients.

VO:what is the address of your new employer??


VO:Do you visit your employer often??

Ans:I have to update my weekly status reports to the manager at my employers office regularly and i visit them once in a month.

VO:whom do you report to at the clients place??

I do not have to report to any one at clients place.We have conference meetings every week on my status with my employer.My employer have the whole authority to coordinate, supervise,direct and advice me.If client have any issues they will speak to my employer then my employer will update me with the status.

VO:You got the visa in 2008.Why did you come to us in 2009??

Ans: I met with a serious accident and i had to take rest on doctors advice.

VO:why did you do go to UK???what did you do there??

Ans:I went to UK because i want to have a international exposure,meet new people,learn new things and to Improve myself.I did masters over there.I came to usa for working and the reason for coming to mexico for attending Interview also is to get International exposure and learn new things.

VO: can i see your last year W2??

Ans: I handed over to her.

VO:can i see your recent paystubs???

Ans: Handed over to her.

VO: when did you started working for this present client???

Ans:Told her the date.(Note:what ever you say,it should match with your LCA because they will be looking at your LCA in the system and its employer responsibility to update LCA according to that state where you work.They have to run the pay roll according to that.Those all should match.)

VO:Can i see your educational certificates from School days onwards??

Ans:handed over to her.

VO:Your marks are very impressive.

Ans:I said, i am a Brilliant Guy with a laugh.She smiled looking at me and said your visa is approved.I said Thank you.

VO:It was nice talking to you.Come and collect the passport tomorrow at 2:30 PM.

Ans:Sure,Thanks again.

Its a 40 mins Interview.

I went next day to Pick my passport at 2:30 PM.

Make sure you have all the proper supporting documentation if you want to attend here because i know few guys who got 221g and still waiting from few weeks.I also know few guys whose H1b got revoked.The decision can be against your favour after few weeks also unless and until if you have very good supporting docs.

Tickets are also very expensive like 4500$-5000$ from mexico to india because you cannot fly from USA any more.

Think many many times before coming to Tijuana,mexico because anything can happen.

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Vijreddy: Thanks for sharing your detailed experience; I am sure it'll help others.

I have few questions; please reply as per your best knowledge:

#1 Consulate location:

Paseo de Las Culturas s/n, Mesa de Otay, Delegación Centenario, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico C.P. 22425

When i put this address on Google maps it shows two different location which around 10KM apart.

A. Diego Rivera 2, Centro, 22000 Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico (Consulado Americano)

[Near to RealdelReo hotel walking distance]

B. Paseo De Las Culturas s/n, Mesa de Otay , Centenario , 22425 Tijuana, Baja California, México (Consulado General De Los Estados Unidos-Tijuana)

[it's around 10KM from ASC]

Which one is correct?

#2 Passport Visa Pickup:

Should it be picked up from consulate or DHL location chosen while booking appointment.

#3 Mexico Visa:

Today I have got the multiple entry 10 year mexico tourist visa. VO told me that I need to go though immigration while crossing the border.

Do I need to surrender my current I-94’s or can I go directly without going through Mexico immigration?

Thanks Max

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1.Consulate location:

Paseo de Las Culturas s/n, Mesa de Otay, Delegación Centenario, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico C.P. 22425.

Do not worry about the address in the google maps.Try to book the hotel real del rio.There is a taxi stand before the hotel and they will assist you in every thing.

2. Passport pickup:

You can collect the pasport on next business day once your visa is approved.Vo will tell you where and when to pick up.

3.if you are travelling through land you can enter mexico directly with out surrendering your I94.While coming back to USA you will have to take the new I94 at the port of entry which will cost 6 dollars.


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Thanks Vijreddy, you were very helpful.

Another question, you said you went to the ASC first before check-in to hotel. so do ASC allow baggage inside the building? or u left your belonging in taxi?

reason i am asking is hotel check-in time is 3PM while I do have ASC appointment at noon, and I am planing to cross the border same day early in the morning.

Regards, Max

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Thanks Vijreddy for the detailed report. My appointment is for next week. I had a few questions:

1. Where did you book the hotel from (which site)?

2. Did you get a Mexican visa? I last went for stamping there 3 years ago and did not require a visa then.

3. Did you carry Mexican currency? If so, from where did you get it?

4. You mentioned that you are no longer allowed back in the US if the visa is rejected. I thought it was allowed to get back for 10 days. Have the rules changed?

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@ravigan from expedia...hotel real del rio any other. All hotels are mostly in the same vicinity

2.You can get a mexican visa from mexican consulate near your place.price 36$

3.Legally you still need a visa as your us visa has expired .Nobody checks at the border but god forbid if something goes wrong you wont be able to go anywhere. For me the visa officer even wanted to see my mex visa i dont know why.

4.No need to carry mexican currency. They accept dollars. Bank Santander has a tie up with Bank of american so you can withdraw using ur BOA atm card at any santander atm without any transaction charge.

5.You cannot return to us in any case. As soon as you go to the consulate they stamp ur old visa as cancelled. There is no concept of temp. - 194.

6. My suggestion think 2wice before coming. I and maybe around 10 people like me are stuck with 221gs here. It has been more than a month for a few people now and i have not heard any person who got 221g to have things resolved for the past month... (take a chance only if ure a direct employee)

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