H1B Stamping in Calgary on OCT 24th


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I did attend H1 Stamping in Calgary yesterday and my VISA got approved.

This is my second H1 stamping, hardly any questions asked.

1. What is u r job title

2. What is u r employer name.

The VO Said, i do not see any reason to not to give you a VISA. and she said U r VISA is approved.

'The VO said, My 797 Dates does not match with dates in the PIMS data base, and she'll confirm with the PIMS and send my passport in 5-7 working days.

Waiting for that..... I will up-date once i receive my passport.

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Congrats and Thanks for the posting.

I am also attending on Nov 1st for my visa interview. I saw very few people are posting their Experiences from Calgary.

can you please post your detailed experience of Calgary trip like hotel where you stayed , transportation from airport to hotel.

what is your model? full time or contract?

please send me your phone number to my mail id which is in my profile .

I will call you once I reach in Calgary on this coming Monday.

we can share the hotel expenses .

how is the situation there? what is the success rate?

Thanks once again.


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