Next step when H1-B is sent Back to USCIS

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Hi all

My case is I went for stamping in March to chennai consulate and My h1-B was sent back to USCIS.

Again I went in October again sent back to USCIS . Reason E-V-C model . Employer doesnt have control over employee.

Kindly suggest what do I do? Shall I Re-apply for H1 in the same year through E-C model and reappear.

I want JoeF to throw some light on my case. It will be really helpful.

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I got the new petition with different employer.

In my interview they asked me questions like who is managing u r work,.

Who provides the laptop.

how do u communicate to your employer.

what product is u r client working on

does that product benefits u r employer.

Hi Adil

What did you answer for questions like, 'Who provides you the laptop?' and Who provides you work related accessories?


Good luck

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Hi Adil,

You are saying that your H1B petition was sent it back to USICS. did you received any email or letter stating that your petition has been sent to USCIS for revocation?

How you know that your petition was sent it back to USCIS. did any one from VFS office told you like that?

While giving baq my passport at the counter the VO told me that they are sending back the H1- B and also they gave me the letter.

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Thanks for reply. In your letter did they mention that your petition has been sent to USCIS for revocation? because I'm also in the same boat. At the end of the my visa interview , the VO told me that he is sending back my petition to the USCIS, but he gave me the 221g blue slip and check the option that my petition will undergo under administrative processing.

Usually If they want to send the petition back to the USCIS, they will take blue slip (i,e. chennai consulate) and check the option that petition will send it back to USCIS for further review.

So my question is did they gave 221g blue form and check the below option to you or you got different letter?


The petition is being returned to USCIS for futher review, Upon completion of the review, USCIS will contact your petitioner. Please wait for a notification from the consulate before returning

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