H1b transfer to new employer with I-140 Receipt #


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I am on 7th year h1b is expired on October 13
2011 and current employer applied extension. Still waiting for approval. With my current employer, my I 140 (in EB2) got approved on Feb 2011. However i have not filed I 485 (because my PD is not current).

Now I got an offer from a new company. they are willing to do a H1 transfer. However that lawyer needs my I 140 copy to proceed with H1 Transfer. My current employer is not proving me approved I 140 copy . all i have is my I 140 receipt number.

1. is approved 140 copy is really required to file a H1 transfer at this time (6th year over , seeking for H1 transfer to a new employee and a extension) ?

2.if i ask the new company to persue with H1 transfer with I 140 receipt number alone, will my transfer get approved ?

Appreciate your feedback in this.

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