Employer change with approved 140


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I’m current working for employer A (vendor) and have I40 approved in EB2 with them. Employer B (Client) is giving me an offer to get converted to full time employee. Employer B has promised me that they will start my GC process in EB2 as soon as I’m on board.

My question is.

1. Can Employer B use my priority date from my previous employer?

2. I have 11 years of Industry experience with 10+2+3+2 with (B.Com (Bachelors’ in Commerce), and M.sc (Masters in Computer Science) from India. Will that be any issue with 140? My Education evaluation from The *************** Corportion is “Bacheloe Of Science Degrees - Dual Major: Computer Science and Business Administration”

3. What are the chances of my new 140 getting denied or reviewed even though I have one approved with employer A for same profile?

4. Will the denial impact my already approved 140 with pervious employer if I apply for priority date porting?

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