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Mine is a EB3 to EB2 porting case with the PD of Nov 2004. I have opened a SR 10 days ago after clearing the EB2 I-140 and interfiling to see whats happening to my case by using the context "Outside normal processing window".

Today I have received an email response from USCIS saying:

"Service records indicate that your I-485 is still pending with the service and is a waiting additional security checks."

I know this means that they want to perform additional security check on the case however it didn't mentioned how long to wait before I request them again.

Has anyone received a similar response?If so how long you had to wait or being waiting to see an approval(RFE or denials)?

Please share your experience?

Best Regards.

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It does not usually lead to denials, but your case may be pending for a long time. Mine was pending for ~21 months, while the PD was current all that time.

I would recommend contacting CIS Ombudsman first, especially, if you filed a long time ago.

Thanks for responding.. Have you received the same response as I did? I became current on Sept 2nd 2011... I called the NSC after the SR response. They told me to wait for 60 days before I can ask for updates.

Do you know why your case is pending for so long?

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I was stuck in the namecheck. My responses said something like additional processing or something, suggesting to check back 6 months later. Just a different response template. You can take an InfoPass, explain that your case has been pending for years, and now you got this response, and ask if your namecheck 1) is pending right now and if yes 2) has cleared in the past once. But the officer can't really do anything to help your case. The namecheck is done by the FBI.

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