H. R. 3012 - Any status updates?

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Murthy Attorneys or JoeF or any other immigration gurus,

Does anyone know What is the status of H.R 2012 Act?

Has it passed both House and Senate ?

If so, when is it coming into effect?

H.R 3012 -

To amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to eliminate the per-country

numerical limitation for employment-based immigrants, to increase the

per-country numerical limitation for family-sponsored immigrants, and

for other purposes.

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Bills have to be approved by both The Senate and the House of Representatives. Then the President signs them into law.

There are tons of bills introduced. Most, as I said, probably 99%, never even make it to a vote in Congress. The other 1% are the ones that get voted on. Even less than that get approved and become law. This is how things work in every democratic society. Lots of proposals (bills), but only a few make it into law.

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No. Some important notes: (i) the current 'compromise' is an amendment to H.R 3012, so the bill would have to go back to the House if passed by the Senate, (ii) there is the potential of other amendments, such as the Irish E-3 visa that I have seem being discussed, (iii) there are some very real (constitutional) questions about the additional DOL policing powers. As I have seen posted the 'compromise' may well have been crafted so that the bill gets caught up in political and constitutional issues (e.g. "poison pill").

A proper employment based visa reform bill needs additional visas being made available, e.g. through recapture, not counting spouses and dependents, STEM, to be good for all aliens seeking permanent residency. ("A rising tide floats all ships.")

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If the hold is lifted now does that it means it get passed in the Senate now and pending would be the president sign to bring the law.

No. It just means that the bill can get voted on in the Senate. If it gets approved by the Senate, then it has to go back to the House for another vote, since there have been material changes to the bill.

Only when both Senate and House have approved this modified bill, then it would go to the President for signing.

And after that, there could well be a legal challenge due to the H1 amendment which restricts judicial review of certain actions on H1 by the authorities.

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