I-140 approved and taking completely new position with the same employer


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I got my I-140 approved 5 months back and at that time I was working on a specific domain (Java,SAP etc). Now I might be moving to management stream with the same employer which is completely different than what I worked earlier . In this situation will I be having any problem down the line on any of these below scenarios.

1. H1B extension on approved I-140 .

2. bumping my case to EB-2 ( which might call for starting the process from PERM).

3. Changing the employer and asking them to file GC at a later point of time.

I am asking this question because ,till now the roles and responsibilities which were /might have been advertised against my name while doing PERM/I-140 might have read something which I was doing all these times.But now since my work responsibilities will be completely different ( no more a consultant and entering into managing a completely different stream which I haven't worked upon). Will these pose a problem in any ways???

Suggestions /guidance/help are greatly appreciated and welcomed.



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