Need Help on AOS, How to contact local Senator?


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I have applied for 485 along with EB3 140 in September 2007 .

EB3 Priority date: Mar 2005.

Now my employer filed EB2 and EB2 140 is approved on Jul 26th 2011. Attorney sent interfiling letter in August and after 1 month i opened Service Request. The response says that I am not current.

After seeing the response, attorney clearly sent an email to NSC with 485 receipt number, EB2 140 Number and old priority date...all the details. Still there is no response.

Attorney suggested to contact local Senator by giving copy of your 485 receipt and EB2 140 approval.

I live in Atlanta and I am not sure how to contact local senator? How to get the list of local senators?


Appreciate your help.

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