L1B Extension Withdrawal


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My L1 visa expired in March 2011 and I-94 is valid till November 2011. My employer filed L1 extension in July 2011 and received RFE. The RFE due date is Oct 16th 2011.

After getting L1 RFE, the employer applied for L1 to H1 COS. This got approved on Sept 23rd 2011. I have received form I797A with I-94 valid from Oct 1st 2011.

My questions now are what should be done to L1 case.

a.)Should it be withdrawn?

b.)How long does it take for withdrawal process to get completed? If my employer sends withdrawal request before 16th Oct 2011, will it be withdrawn before that or there are any chances of it getting denied due to no response to RFE?

Please let me know. Thanks for your help. Appreciate it.

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