Succesful stamping in Hyderabad E-C Sep 30 2011


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hi guys

I attended interview today(Sep 30 friday) in Hyderabad Conaulate and mine got approved.

I benefitted a lot from this forum and wanted to share the experience so that others can benefit.

My post is little bit lenghty as my case is a bit complicated

While filling DS-160 first time I filled employer address at "Place where you intend to work" and submitted.

So I filled DS-160 again second time and booked appointment as well with vfs but this time I forgot to mention

that I have an approved I-140 for "Did anybody file an Immigrant petition for you".

So I cancelled the vfs apponintment and filled DS-160 third time and took appointment again.

My case: E-C

Employer:American Company with 300+ employees.

Client: Well known Telecom company in USA

Working at same place/client for 2.8 years

Common Muslim Name: No

Had my first stamping in Chennai with a big Desi MNC in 2007

Submitted documents in advance on preceding Monday at VFS

documents included Client Letter and USCIS Letter(attached supporting doc from employer saying about Master Service Agreement with USCIS letter.)

All my documentation(USCIS Letter, I-129, LCA,Client Letter and supporting doc from employersaying about Master Service Agreement)

had same Client place as the work location.And I made sure that some of the skillset keywords and Itinerary of services match across all the documentation.

In DS-160 I filled the same client place as the work location for "Place where you intend to work"

Mine was at 8.15 AM

VO was a White Guy at counter 13 wearing glasses and very friendly.

he didn't ask me any documents like pay stubs/w2/i-129/lca. He was in no mood to look at any docs even if I offered.

its very good today all 3 people in front of me got visas. and i didnt see any body getting blue/yellow/pink slips from

adjacent counters as well while I was standing there.

When I got my docs back before fingerprinting I saw they wrote "PIMS OK and Pls check for petition."

I had two valid pettions one was expiring on Feb 1 2012 with my previous company BBBB and second starting from Feb 2nd 2012 with new comapny CCCC

My previous company BBBB got merged with current company CCCCin Mar 2010.

I booked my appointment with new petition and I submitted the same at VFS.

Indian lady at the counter asked me if I have another petiton. I showed the old one with BBBB and explanied about merger.

Then she asked me for proof.Luckily I had the merger documents from my company lawyer but this one was the least expected one.I submitted the docs . She attached those docs to the packet and wrote again "both petitions got merged. docs attached"

got the packet and went to counter

questions in the order as asked:

VO:wht does ur company do

ans: Project management and project implementation for telecome companies like xxx, yyyy, and zzz

VO: Can you plz talk little bit slow as Im having difficulty in understanding ur accent

Ans: Sure. I undestand.

VO:do u work at client place?

Ans: Yes.I work for xxxx i got the client letter and about to take it out. VO told not required.

VO:what project r u working on ?

ans: brief desc about project

Vo: Whats your highest degree?

Ans: Bachelors in xxx

VO:what do u do?

ans: blah blah blah

After I explanied he didn't understand a bit he asked me to explain in plain english as I explanied him in technical terms.

As I used term Network he asked me if I'm a Network Administrator..I told no. Again he asked me if I'm a Network Engineer.

I was afraid here as i thought he is checking for TAL related stuff but I'm not sure if they really come to TAL. I said No again.

VO: What exactly do u do ?

Ans: I write Java code.

VO: ohh you are a Java Coder..thats what I was expecting from you

VO:is ur company a staffing comapny?

Ans: Yes we do staffing as well besides Project implementation.

VO:do u have any vendor in b/n

Ans: No I dont have any vendor

until this point he was typing as I was answering.He stopped typing suddenly and asked the below questions on E-E relationship and he started staring at me.

VO: who tells u wht to do everyday?

ans: i told my supervisor name

VO: do you have his name in ur documentation?

Ans:i told No and was getting some other docs to show from my file. (this might be employer verification letter or team chart or something)

VO: thats ok.

VO: ur supervisor is a xxx(client's) employee ?

Ans: no.. my supervior is from my company I report to him and he reports to xxx(client) manager.

VO: ur visa is will get ur passport next week.

Overall it was a smooth experience and had little bit of luck.

Dress well, be confident and carry as much docs as possible. Be prepared to answer Employer-Employee relation questions.

From the forums I observed that now a days most of the people are being asked about Employer-Employee relation questions.

Hope this helps. I will be happy to answer if you have any questions.

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Thanks for detailed post. It really helps others.

Immigration petition is only when i-485 is filed. Not when I-140 is approved.

I have a question: what if there is no supervisor from employer at client site?

Then client gives work. I don't understand what the problem is with that.

Staffing companies supposed to send people to client sites and get the work done. Isn't it?

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Hello Guys

This forum is really helpful for any person who is going for visa stamping.I met the person who got the visa in the morning 09/30. His was a EC model & mine is a EVC model. Going forward people who are going to h1b visa stamp @ hyd should be

prepared to say that Employer has total control over the consultant. Employer does the appraisal and we should always say we report to the employer on a day to day basis aprt from the client manager.

VO has said "your visa is approved but asked for additional documentation & he kept my H1b document,LCA, copy of supporting documents sent to USCIS,paystubs etc. but he didn't give me any acknowlegement paper which says to collect my passport at VFS and VO said if we need addl doc we will email you.

I went to stamping today @US Consullate Hyderabad

VO - Asked me I-129 petition,LCA,I-797?

Me - Provided all

VO Employer?

Me Given my employer name and no of yrs worked

VO - Client?

Me -HP

VO - Is EC model or EVC model?

Me- I said there is a vendor

VO client place

me - Capital One HQ Richmond, VA

VO - Whom do you report on a day to day basis

Me - I said my Employer(provided his name)and HP Delivery Manager(Provided his name)

VO do u use employer given tool or client?

Me - Client tools

VO - Who appraise your performance

Me - My employer

VO - do ur employer work along with u?

Me - I said no but he is located very close to my home

VO asked my current paystubs

Me- Provided all 2011 paystubs

VO - This time I am issuing you visa

Me - Thank you

VO - But he kept my h1b document,passports,paystubs,I-129,LCA etc

me - I said y?

VO - make some verifications

Me - when I am going to get passport

VO - next mid week

me ok

VO - invited voluntirally for additonal doc

Me - I gave employer letter,HP letter,Iconma letter

VO - If I need additional information i will email you

Me ok Thakyou & said bye

The VO told me he will send my passport in the coming mid-week

Tell me what he is going to do now and will he send my passport with stamp and h1b document,paystubs etc.Could you pls shed some light on this.

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Thanks for posting your experience.

Employer will always have control. No doubt. They pay, appraise, hire or fire.

But What about giving work. employer can't do it always.

You're right that we report of status of work.

But getting work is always from client if you're a consultant.

VO's should know this right?

What do you say?


In EVC cases, client won't even know employer. What to do in such cases?

How you get work from your employer? Any ideas how we can manage this?

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Hi newbie

I mentioned the VO that my client manager gives the work and I update the same thing to my employer.The VO will always try to pull our leg. One should always sing the tunes of the employer. The VO is looking for if we say something against our employer that is where he will catch us offguard.

In my case, My client letters clearly mentions my company has full control over me and client has no control over me.The client will send the internal feedback to my employer and then my employer will measure my work based on the feedback provided by my client manager.

Employer will not give the work but supervises the work. There is nothing wrong in saying task manager gives the work.

Anyways Iam waiting for my passport with visa stamp this week . Eventhough he said my visa is approved but kept my I-797,paystubs,client letters etc and additional verification.

What additional verification means ?

Do they perform PIMS verification as part of addl verification?

Could somebody shed some light on my case

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Hi newbie

Employer supervisor need not be at the client site.The client manager will only give you work but not appraise

your performance with you instead he/she can provide the feedback to vendor/employer.The employer

will then say your contract is extended or terminated.

Well you are saying similar situation like me, let me know

whether VO has approved ur visa initially and then sent ur passport with 221g white form.

pls provide some clarity on this vis-a-vis with my case.

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Hi h1buser880

Did yu submit any documents prior to you interview? Either at VFS or anyone else. I have planning to take an appoint once I land in Hyd. I want to make sure if I can take the appointment very next day or do I have to do any pre-work for which I have to be there.



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Yes I have submitted the documents on 26 Sep(Monday). In Hyderabad we have to submit the documents at VFS atleast 3 days prior to the appointment. i,.e if Friday is appointment we need to submit docs on the preceding Monday. docs included -Appoinmentt confirmation, DS-160 confirmation,copy of I-797,USCIS letter, Client letter, Experience letters, Photograph,copy of passport etc.

Either applicant or somebody on behalf of applicant can submit the docs at VFS. All these details you can find in VFS site.

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question for @h1buser880 or any one who can answer

I have approved petition from my employer and that did not end it will end on Nov 14th 2011 . Mean while we applied for H1-Extension and got approval for 1 year and it will start on Nov15th 2011. Can i attend stamping in canada or any place in india . I have to travel to india in next month.Please suggest?

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Pls go through my post at the beginning of this thread.

Mine is exactly same as yours. My 1st petiton is expiring on Feb 1 2012 and new petition starts from Feb 2nd 2012 to Feb 1 2015

and I had succesful stamping. I got my passport today.On the visa, Issue date is Oct 3rd 2011 and expiry date Feb 1st 2015.

On my visa they printed both the petition numbers along with their expiry dates. so total visa validity in my case is 3 years and 4 months.

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@nbendi... Please let us know if got your visa ??

My interview went similar but the VO did not say "I am issuing you the visa". He said I had all the documents and he would verify in the afternoon and "contact" me if he needs anything else. Upon asking how he is going to contact or update me, he issued a blank yellow 221g. I attended on 26 Sept. Till now NO email or online case update. I was hoping it just verification but looks like 1-2 month is minimum wait.

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@nbendi... Please let us know if got your visa ??

My interview went similar but the VO did not say "I am issuing you the visa". He said I had all the documents and he would verify in the afternoon and "contact" me if he needs anything else. Upon asking how he is going to contact or update me, he issued a blank yellow 221g. I attended on 26 Sept. Till now NO email or online case update. I was hoping it just verification but looks like 1-2 month is minimum wait.

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The VO acknowledged me the visa is issued.He kept my passport,h1b doc,client letters etc. I asked the VO expected arrival time of my passport and he said mid next week starting 10/03/2011.But he said if he need some addl documents and he is going to email me. And as on today there is no update. Neither VFS has kept an update nor I have recieved any email from VFS.

Let me know what are the chances of getting me the passport @ the earliest.



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Landed in Atlanta(POE) today. AT POE officer asked many questions.

1. Who do u work for ?

2. When did u leave USA?

3. When did you depart US before this?

4. how come u stayed in USA even after ur last visa expired?

5. Show me ur H1B petitions

6. How come you have 2 valid petitions?

7. Why is the Visa showing different employer name?

8. when you are on H1 you can only stay for certain period of time.If you include this visa duration and previous stay it exceeds that duration. Howz it possible?

9. I can't give you I-94 for more than 3 years.

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Hello everyone,

Congrats @h1buser880. And thanks a lot to both h1buser880 and nbendi for sharing your experiences and providing continuous updates of your status. So here's my case and it's similar to most of the cases discussed above

VO: How are you doing?

ME: Good and you?

...... he gave me a smile and asked me the documents/ passport.

VO: So who is your employer?


VO: Who is the client?


VO: What is your job role and responsibilities?

ME: I am an Oracle technical consultant... and blah blah explained all my job duties

VO: Can you give me the client letter?

ME: Sure, and jus started looking into my huge bundled folder

...... In less than 10 seconds

VO: Please pass the entire bundle over here

ME: Sure, here you go

........Roughly went thought the documents and said he could not find the client letter

ME: Gave him a smile and said I am sure it's in there, I can help you find.

VO: Ok, I guess you do but unfortunately I can't issue a visa right now..... we need some verification

ME: Is anything wrong or some document missing?

VO: Nothing like that everything is fine but we need some time to verify

.......saying that he took a 221G yellow and wrote case number on the top and NO OTHER ACTION REQUIRED AT THIS TIME

ME: Thanks !

Interview date: May-26-2011

Waiting time: 5+ months

Model: E-V-C

Whenever I contact the Consulate through email/ phone I get the same response saying it's under administrative processing and unable to provide any time frame.

Totally confused, how long it's gonna take.

I will post if I get any kind of update from the consulate.

Thanks a lot....... Good luck to all

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