DS160. Flilled wrong

Daniel kin

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I Submitted my Ds160 and scheduled an appointment

Is it Ok if I cancel my appointment and resubmit a new Ds form

My problem is

My employer address is not matching with the H1 b approval notice

My employer has more than 100 locations . I found the Head office address on the approval notice. But used the my branch office address as my employer address on Ds 160 form

Help me out please


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Hey Guys,

I filled my DS160 yesterday and managed to fill out my place of birth incorrectly.

Instead of Bombay where I was born, I entered Delhi. I am from Delhi and lived there most of my life. I guess that's how I went brain dead for a minute.

Is this a big deal at interview time? The interview is also very close. its on the 18th.

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