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i did not call DOS ..planning to do probably in the next week or so...

how long did your interview last?? and what doc did they ask (or looked at)?

mine is almost one min., asked where you work, location, title, salary,highest education.VO was typing really fast on the screen and did not pay much attention to what i am saying.

except for I797 & passport VO did not ask for any other doc.

after finishing typing something on the system VO gave the blue packet back with pink slip and asked to go to another counter. in the other counter (31) i was asked which country i travelled to and any siblings(name & age) and retained my passport.

this looks like usual name/background check given the fact i have a very common muslim name...

its like my 7yrs of my career in US is done..... well it does not end there as i have my apt, car and my personal stuff there not sure what to do.....

our whole situation can be summed up in one line..

"Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans".- John Lennon

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I got a pink slip on Sep 06, the VO told that our ( mine- H1B and my wife's- H4) got apporved,but later she handed over a pink slip and told us to visit the another counter ( an Indian VO was there).He took our passports and part of my LCA letter (work explanation letter) and my resume.He also took a xerox copy of my I-797 and told me it will take 4-8 weeks to receive the passport.

This is my fifth week.Still waiting.

FYI, I work for a Pharmaceutical firm and don't have muslim name.Already I cancelled my return flight.

The waiting time really kills.Hopefully will hear good news soon.

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@illusion: Mine was exactly ur case. Only I797 was looked at. VO told my application is good for a visa and he doesnt need any more docs from me, but he needs to do the AAP. Counter 31, the lady asked for siblings details and countries visited and told 8-12 weeks.Have you joined the 221g facebook group?

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@siddas: i havent joined the facebook 221g, I am already follwing murthy forum like every other minute, dont want to join another group and go crazy!!

@siva01: well i guess all of us have to cancel our return ticket and no refund.

i did not see any new "visa issued" status online for the past one week, and given the fact monday is another holiday, not sure when would we see any new visa issuance!! and to top it all my manager wants a definitive date of return, i told him that it is anyone's guess!

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@illusion: This is my second time stamping,last time it was only PIMS verfication and this time my case has PIMS in addition to other verification. Similar to your employer, my employer gave me the same conditions - should be back within a definite period of time.But when we contact US embassy, they have the standard reply.

I completely understand the importance of safety of a country as well as preventing the fraud (made by senseless people), but the system what the US consulate follows is not completely acceptable,they are pushing everybody (even the legitimate cases) under the same umbrella.This is really giving a hard time, creates issues within the family and overall it is making people mentally sick (in addition to losing hard earned money).The reasons can be continued.

I am sure the US consulate can revise the system and preapre a more appropriate one. I saw a petition in this forum to white house.I would request everybody (stuck and non-stuck) to sign in and please add your voice of concern.Probabaly somebody can atleast hear (IF NOT FEEL THE PAIN) we are going through.

The worst case is if our parents are in sick (at the end stage), we couldn't make a decision to fly rightaway to see them instead, we have to console our employers before we fly as if we are the reasons behind to cause the delay.

Expecting an improved system in place by the consulates.

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Finally, today I received my passport.

Interview date: Sep 06,2011

Slip : 221g Pink Slip

Passport received : Oct 12,2011.

But, my wife's ( for H-4) passport is stil on hold.Don't know why.

I hope and pray to GOD that all of the legitimate cases should get their passport soon.Goodluck.

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siddas and illusion: Today my wife received her passport too.Finally the wait is over.

Hopefully our friends should get their passport with stamping soon.I will be always active with Murthy forum,if I can be any help with the visa process,please let me know,I will share my thoughts.

Goodluck to all legitimate cases...!!

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Dear All,

Please keep this thread active for all those having "common Muslim names" and desperately waiting after getting 221g.

My details

Type : H1B

Consulate : Delhi

Interview date : 23th Sep 2011

Docs asked : None

Time frame : told 3-4 weeks, still waiting after 4 weeks

Muslim/Common name: Yes

Visa Interview at Delhi consulate:

VO: Who is your client. (VO was polite)

Me: replied

.. that's all, he then directed me to last counter number 30 where Indian guy issued me 221g without asking any other document.

Now when I check the status, I am getting

We were not able to identify Case # 2011XXX-XXX-1, Please make sure you have entered your case number correctly.

Guys, Any Idea of processing time of AP in Delhi consulate.. There are very less posts for Delhi consulate.


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@simple_delhi try entering Case # 2011XXX-XXX-1 as 2011XXX-XXX-01.

@siddas got his 221g cleared in three weeks so there is hope for people with common muslim name.

meanwhile on the other extreme, i am still waiting for response on my 221g - its been more than 8 weeks and not sure when i would hear from the consulate and i am getting mentally prepared for the reponse to take until dec.

its seems that it is pretty hard to predict the timeline for 221g.

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Hi Siva

Congrats! on recieving of both of you's passport getting stamped. I along with my attended visa interview at hyderabad on 09/30/2011.I interviewed for 10minutes. The VO acknowledged my visa is approved but kept my I-797,I-129 petition,LCA,paystubs,client letters for verification and promised to return my passports by 3-5 business days. Its already 14 business days or 24 days ever since my visa is approved. I was neither given any 221g white/pink/blue/green nor told any admin processing. Infact the VO told me if he wants any addl. documents he is going to email me.

I have already written an email to VFS and VFS responded to me saying, they are going to forward the email to the VO @US consulate and once they get the response from them and they are going to reply me.Its already 5days or 120 hours ever since,I have sent an email and its already 96 hours or 4days ever since VFS forwarded the email to VO @ US consulate.

Iam in 7th year of H1b and half a way stage in my GC process with I-140 approval notice.

Interview date: Sep 30,2011


Common Muslim name:- N/A


Company : Desi

Company size:- < 50

221 gSlip : N/A

visa status :- h1b

h1b expiry date:-08/01/2013

result:-visa approved

Expected passport recieved date : 10th oct,2011

Actual paspport recieved date: still not recieved

Since I am not issued any kind of 221g form, what kind of verification its going to be and y VO is taking such more time to stamp my passports. Is there a possibility of VO reviewing the decision already taken or what are the chances of ours passports getting stamped and returning. Does VO sent my information DOS? Could you or somebody shed some light on this of how VO is going to process my passports.

Could you please provide me your contact# and I can be reached at this email zmail account(replace 'z' with 'g')

I wish and pray to god all the people who are though admin processing get the passport with visa stamped soon.

Thanks & Regards


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@nbendi,sorry for my late response.Your case looks bit different from mine as the VO kept all of the documents.In mine, I think it was only a verfication about my job nature (possibly a TAL check)as the VO took the work explanation letter from me and I work in a Pharmaceutical firm.Since you are working in IT field, I am not sure exactly what kind of verfication is going on with the given fact that you didn't receive any 221g forms.But since the VO told you that your VISA is approved, I think it is a good sign that your case can get cleared at any time.Goodluck...!!

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