H1B Transfer REF (complete and submit page 5 part 6 of form I-129)


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This REF seems new to me. Please HELP me regarding this REF. I applied H1B transfer from X Consulting company to Y Consulting company. I got the below REF:


The Petitioner:

Documentation submitted with your petition indicates that your company provides Information Technology , Consulting and Development Services.

Any Petition for Non immigrant worker (Form I-129) seeking H1B,H-1B1,L-1 or O-1A classification that is postmarked on or after Feb 20,2011 must include a response to part 6, 'Certification Regarding the release of controlled technology or technical data to foreign persons in the United States.' This petition was mailed on or after Feb 20 2011, but part 6 is incomplete.

Complete and submit page 5, part 6 of form I-129 with revision date of Nov 23 2010 or later. You are required to check only statement 1 or statement 2 concerning licensing."


Please let me know what should be my response for this REF.

Thanks in Advance for your Time & Support.


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