Medical exam/employer documents/big maze


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I read a couple of threads about this but couldn't find a good source of consolidated information anywhere. I have also been looking online but haven't found a concrete answer.

What are all the documents I need when I go for a H1B visa stamping to New Delhi?

Do I need any medical exam papers like I did for the F1? What about W2s of all employees of my company?

I came here on a student visa and then worked for my employer on an OPT. My employer applied for a H1B visa for me and it was approved and I am going now for stamping. It is a very small firm with about 10 employees.

The firm I work with has no other Indians or people on a visa hence I have no one else to turn to. The lawyer who handled my case isn't very familiar with the requirements at the New Delhi consulate. I would appreciate any kind of help with this.

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