Please help, no stamping.


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I have a question. Please help. I'm on my first H1b. I don't have stamping. Planning to go to India in Dec. I want to take a connecting flight eg- to go to London then take a flight from there to India.

Is it possible for me to go around London for 2-3 days and then go back to India.

If I apply for UK visa now, will I get it without H1b stamping.

Or while returning from India, I should go to London?

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I do not think you can fly to London just to get your visa stamped. VO generally ask for a valid reason to come to an embassy other than the embassy in your home country. People who have US University Degree, go to Canada/Mexico to get the visa stamped as it is closer to US.

Seniors in the forum can comment as well.

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