H1B Stamping on Sept2nd- No paystubs for 4 months in 2009


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Hello All,

Below is my case:

-> F1-MS in IT,-->First h1b form 2008 to 2011 august --->Second H1b approved and valid from Sept-1st-2011 to Aug-31st 2014.

--> Never visit india during this time- Now I'm going for H1b stamping for the first time.My seocnd H1b term starts from Sept 2011 to Aug 2014.

my Qsns:

a)Does anyone in this forum had similer case?any special qsns to prepare??

b) Mine is EVC model , have the client letter and vendor letter. In the year 2009 I dont have the pay stubs for 4 months- my w2 shows over all less gross obvisuly,so how do I prepare for the question - what happen for those 4 months ?? pl suggest me the appropriate ans.



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