Transfer H1b to another company with 6yrs ending. approved 140.

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I am on H1 b 5th year and completing six in 20 July 2011 (without capturing time spent outside).

I have an approved 140 (received 2 years ago), and my I-485 is filed too. Priority date is Oct 2007.


I want to transfer and file for extension of H1b from company A (140 approved) to company B using the 140.

1. Is it possible to use company A's approved 140 for company B to file an H1b extension?

2. If the above is possible and the extension is granted for 3 years and company B files for my labor by september 2011, mean while the Company A revokes the 140 before that, will I loose my H1b for the date it was extended?

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1. I think this is not possible but I have heard people say otherwise. Based on what I know , this is a possible option. If company A files for H1 extension for 3 years and it is approved then using that approval you can do a transfer to company B. This is a safe route.

2. No you will not loose your H1 B once it is approved for company B. How long has it been since you filed 485? if it is more than 180 days then company A cannot revoke the GC process.

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