PD Current Husband GC approved Wife has to File I485


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Hi, My husband filed I485 before marriage and now that we are married and the PD is current.Husband using H1 and i am in H4 status.

1)My husband got a mail yesterday saying his GC is approved. Our lawyer will be filing my I485 today will this be a problem as now i am out of status or do i have any grace period as our PD is still current.

2)And if i file I485 what will be my status? Can i use AP and travel abroad when my 485 is still pending?

Please Help

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1) You are covered up to 180 days by 245k. Generally, the USCIS does not even check that.

2) You will have no status. You will be in authorized presence, which is, technically, not a status. That's why you will need AP and not a visa to travel.

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