Applying for H4 based on husbands H1B status only


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My husband is in US under F1 Visa. He will finish his studies soon and will start working in a company from Oct 1, 2011. His company has already applied for his H1B that will become valid from Oct 1. He is not planning to come to India to get H1B visa stamped on his passport. His passport currently has F1 Visa valid till 2015. Under this situation, will it be possible for me to apply for H4 visa in Nov, 2011. Thus, when I go to visa interview, I will have documents to show that my husband has H1B status in US but his passport will say that he has F1 Visa. I will also carry two salary slips.

Any help is really appreciated. You can e-mail my husband at manoj_iit@*****.com


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