221(g) Pink experience at Delhi Consulate


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I would like to share my stamping experience

Background: US Biomedical PhD + 2-year Post-doc experience at top tier school

H1B sponsor: Global general strategy consulting firm

Interview date: 9th Aug.

Docs. submitted by email: 12th Aug.

Stamped visa received: 7th Sept.

I do not have a Muslim name

Some key feature of the process:

1) Though I had all the documents that most checklists ask for, the Visa Officer did not ask me for any of them.

2)Questions asked: Subject for Masters, Subject for PhD, Thesis topic, Work done by prospective employer, Will I be working for them directly?, Office location.

3) The interview was over in less than 3 minutes

4) I had the support of a lawyer appointed by my employer and he sent all the 221(g) requested documents separately though I don't think they were necessary, since the stamped passport only had the version of the documents supplied by me.

I would be happy to answer any questions!

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