H1B Visa Renewal (3rd time)


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Hi, I am travelling to India in December 2011 and plan to go to Mumbai consulate for H1B renewal stamping. This will be my third stamping. Same company all 3 times. Approved Labor and I-140.

Does anyone foresee any problems? I have been reading that people have been stuck in India while trying to get a H1 stamp. Would I have a problem? I work for US company as a full time employee.

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bro...you can never assume you will be out of loop if they rejecting visas.


As you said you are FTE then you have good chances but length and stage in GC matter's to individual but has NO value for VO.

If they reject a visa of any person who is in line of getting GC for then 1 less immigrant nothing else.

Best of Luck for your visa!!!

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You are right. Mumbai consulate is closed bcs of constructions. Go Delhi.

Originally posted by Mohak:

faithalways, I am in the same boat, planning to go to India in November for a third time H1B stamping (labor and I-140 processed) - However, I have heard that the mumbai consulate is shut and you now have to go other consulates (Delhi, Banglore??).

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Guys....good news see below for VFS-Mumbai just released this on their website:

August 12, 2011


The U.S. Consulate General, Mumbai is pleased to announce the resumption of interviews in Mumbai for H and L visas. The H and L visa categories are petition-based and enable a beneficiary to work legally in the United States. In 2010, Indians applicants received 65 percent of all H1B visas issued worldwide.

The Consulate will open the appointment schedule on August 26, 2011; the first interview appointments available are on September 6, 2011. All interviews will be conducted at the Lincoln House Consulate building, located at 78, Bhulabhai Desai Road, until further notice.

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Based on your description, I had a very similar profile, 3rd time stamping on H1B Full Time Non-IT employee for same company with approved I-140. I got delayed by 3 weeks and got eventually approved.

I would rate your chances of approval very high but a 60-40 chance against 221(g), Be prepared for a few weeks of work from home if necessary. There are better odds of you getting your visa right away than tossing a coin.

Take your family with you so that at least you can have a vacation in India than in a 3rd country. If your PD is very near, its probably better to avoid stamping as much as possible although its not possible in many cases.

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