Wifes I485 approved. Thanks Murthy Forum


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My wife's case status on uscis website says Card Production Ordered. Below is the time line

Wife's case

Applied on: 4th April

Receipts for EAD/AP/485: 15th April

EAD: July 5th

RFE: July 23rd for Chest X-Ray report. (My wife did not take MMR since she was pregnant.)

RFE Reply received: Aug9th. Replied with complete medical including MMR vaccine and Chest X-Ray)

Approved: Sep 2nd (case status says Card Production Ordered)

Service Center: TSC

My case details

Priority Date: 3/2005

Initial Category: EB3

Refiled Labor under EB2: 1/20/2011

Labor Approval: 1/30/2011

I-140 applied on: 3/7/2011 (Premium & Dallas)

I-140 Recipt dated: 3/16/2011

I-140 Approval notice mailed: 3/17/2011

I-485 Approval notice mailed: 3/22/2011

GC Received by mail: 3/24/2011

Have a masters degree in US and working for a MNC

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Hi finally GC

Congrats on receiving ur GC. Wanted to check if you filed your wife's I-485 after ur physical card was received?

I thought one needs to file dependent's I-485 before the primary's 485 is approved as once the I-485 is approved, you are no more in H status, . Can u explain this? I am in similar boat and looking for advice.

Originally posted by finallyGC:

I applied my wife's I485 after i received my physical card.

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As i mentioned above, our lawyer applied my wife's GC *AFTER* i received my physical card. The reason being my new I140 under EB2 and my pending I485 applied in 07 August got approved at the SAME time. Even though my wife lost her H4 status after i received my physical card, i think she still has 180 days to file her I485. But its advisable to apply ASAP I485 for your partner once your I485 is approved.

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