I-485 RFE on marriage certificate


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We got a RFE on my wife's marriage certificate. It goes like this.

"The certificate of marriage submitted in support of this application doesn't identify the full name of the husband. There for the evidence of record is in sufficient to establish your relationship to the principal alien. In view of the foregoing, please submit any secondary evidence in your procession to support the information you have provided about your marriage and claimed relationship to XXX YYY, the principle applicant.

Secondary evidence will be evaluated for authenticity and credibility . Such evidence may take the form of historical evidence and must be issued contemporaneously with the event which it documents. Such evidence may include, but not limited to : religious documents, census records, marriage photographs taken during the religious ceremony."

It also says that affidavits from two individuals may also be sufficient.

We plan to submit marriage photographs and affidavits.

Any inputs / suggestions will be appreciated.

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