H1 to H4 to H1 transfer


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I'm in US on H1 with company ABC and my husband is also in US with company ABC on H1 but we are in different locations.

So I want to be on H4 with my husband leaving my current project until I find a project at the same location. What would happen to my H1?

If my H1 gets cancelled, will I be able to go for the H1 stamping again later once i get my project in the location where my husband is (considering the fact that I have valid H1 till 2012 Aug). Will the same petition be valid or should I apply for new H1 since I would be on H4. My query is once H1 gets cancelled and you are on H4 can i go for stamping based on the same H1 petition that I am having or should the process be started all over again. Kindly guide me as this is an urgent issue.


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