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Hi Everyone,

I am an international student (F-1) on OPT. I applied for STEM extension on 11th Feb 2011 (thats when USCIS received my application). I received the receipt but since then my status online is initial review. It will be 3 months and it is still the same. I have got an offer from another e-verified company which I need to join soon but I don't know when I will receive my EAD. My current EAD expired and though I know we'r allowed to work 180days after expiration during the STEM EAD is in process but the new company wants EAD card.

Can anyone advice me what to do.


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I am in th same predicament as you. I am a nurse and applied for an extension on my OPT base on the advise of my lawyer and boss. USCIS website stated that they mailed out Request for Evidence(RFE) on April 18th 2011 and up to date still did not get the RFE. I called the 1-800 number and was told to call back in 15 days if I still did not received it. By browsing the web and reading some of these forums I have learned that I can work 180 days pending my case and with my OPT card expired.

The initial review takes the longest it seems, because I applied in February and my on line status stayed in initial reviewed for 3 full months until they updated it with RFE.

I wish you best of luck and hope that we both get through!!!

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I did not receive EAD till now, on 11th May 90 days were completed so I called USCIS and they opened a ticket. I got an email saying:

"Your case is currently being adjudicated. You should receive a notice of action* within 45 days."

What does that mean?? Anyone going through same situation?


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