AC21/AOS timing


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There are probably a lot of people in this situation, mine is no different only the timing appears to be worse, here it goes..

I am using my EAD for employment, 485 pending, PD 04/03/07. So, GC approval/denial might happen any day now. I am also looking at a potential new opportunity, and might have a start date towards end of this month. It is mighty close to file AC21 and change jobs - if I don't receive my GC approval before I change jobs. It will also be a great opp lost if I don't change the job because of the approval, if it(approval) happens right before I receive the job offer.

Gurus, please advise, what are my options? should I simply ignore this opp and wait for my GC? The worst thing is I dont even know if I will be here in the US long enough to file for citizenship.

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