DS 160 - Current/Previous Employment


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You mentioned your visa was rejected and you are still working for my previous employer remotely.

If you are getting paid in India for your services then fine but if he is depositing $$$ in your account then you have worked Illegally and if you mention or tell that to VO for your next visa Interview you will be barred from entering US for min 3 years.

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I don't think it is true and is not illegal. My visa has been refused, not my H1B petition. I infact scheduled consultations with two top law firms when my visa was refused to discuss this issue. Both firms have said that it is legal to work outside and get paid in the US till your H1 petition has actually been revoked.

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If the visa is rejected, then consulate will send that application back to USICS to revoke.

I would assume that consulate will send the rejected information back to USICS for necessary processing. I really do not see any point, why consulate will keep the petation with then if they have refused the visa.

This will not effect anyone else but you next visa Interview and I assume that you will go for new visa stamping on a new petation.

Rest it is your case so you are best person to decide on it. Best of Luck!!!

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