Need help regarding non availability of birth certificate.


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I have a question regarding Birth Certificate requirements for I-485 filing. Since i don't have a birth certificate, my lawyer asked me to obtain a Non-Availability of BC (+ 2 affidavits from parents/others present at time of birth). My municipality doesn't have a fixed format / form and is willing to provide a letter on their letterhead. After much research on the web/forums, i could find only 1 example of NABC as below:


Non-availability Certificate: Issued under Section 17 of The Registration of Births & Deaths Act 1969

This is to certify that a search has been made on the request of <your name>, son of <father’s name> and <mother's name> in the Municipal registration record for the year(s) 1965-1975 relating for City, State and found that the birth record of <your name>, son of <father’s name> and <mother's name> is not registered/available.


Does anyone know why the search is over 11 years above (1965 - 1975 )? Is it 5 yrs before and 5 yrs after the year of birth to declare non availability?

Also if anyone has a format / form for NABC that has worked, I could really use that instead.

Thanks for your inputs.

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Yes it is 5 years above & 5 years after of your actual Birth date. This NABC format is valid. If you've school living certificate, PAN card or any other secondary proof which has atleast your DOB & your full name then also submit that ALONG WITH THIS NABC + 2 Affidavits.

Don't worry, many people were in the same boat & got it cleared.

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