Working while I wait for the replacment EAD


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I just graduated and I am currently on my post completion OPT .I had applied for my EAD and I got the EAD card a few days back .When I checked it,I realized that the first name was misspelt in this manner :

My name in my passport and SSN : AAAA BBB CCCCC

where AAAA BBB is my first name and CCCCC is the surname

But in the EAD,the name has been spelt as:


i.e the second name is missing .I called up USCIS regarding this and they decided to expedite the problem and they said they would be contacting me within 5 days to work on issuing the replacement card with the corrected name .However my question is this :

1) Looking at the previous track record of USCIS ,they might take considerable time to issue the the replacement card .So assuming I land a job in the next few days ( I have a number of interviews coming up) ,can I start working with the original card and the receipt from USCIS and then send the card back to get it corrected ? I wont have a problem with getting an SSN since I already have one ( I was previously here in US on a H1B and came back for grad school)

Another issue that could arise would be the unwillingness of the HR's to allow me to work with the original card but I am hoping its not a major issue since everything else is correct in the card

Lastly ,assuming I start work with the original card and send it back for replacement ,can I continue working without the physical copy of the card in my hand ( I will be storing photocopies of it for sure)

Any advice would be great.

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