Should we opt for regular processing or premium processing


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My husband is planning to apply for H1B. We dont have any idea how to go about it. It would be really great if somebody can help us regarding that.

For information my husband got EAD on 5th january2011 and got employed on the same day. We got married on 28 may 2011 and I applied for F2 visa but unfortunately my F2 got rejected. So we are in urgent need of H1 so that I can join him on H4 visa. The employer of my husband is ready to file H1 for him.

We are concerned that if we go for regular processing how long will it take??

If we go for premium processing would this be an issue that there is ample time in in his ead so is there any possibilty of getting RFE or something like that??

Please suggest which type of processing should we opt for? what would be the processing times for regular processing and premium processing respectively and what would be the process for applying H4??


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