Adding spouse to 485 (EB3)


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I have searched many forums but still confused whether i can add my wife to my application or do i have to wait untill my PD(Sept 2005) becomes current. Some attorney say i can add and some say i can not but i still would like to take a chance and try adding her, i dont see any harm in doing that.

Also i found this statement on website

Family of EB-3 Visa Holders

Your spouse may be admitted to the United States in E34 (spouse of a “skilled worker†or “professionalâ€) or EW4 (spouse of an “other workerâ€). During the process where you and your spouse are applying for permanent resident status (status as a green card holder), your spouse is eligible to file for an Employment Authorization Document (EAD). Your minor children (under the age of 18) may be admitted as E35 (child of a “skilled worker†or “professionalâ€) or EW5 (child of an “other workerâ€).

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