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I have applied the H1 B in Masters Quota in April and got approval for 2 yrs. Now the question for stamping do we need to go to India only or we can go to Mexico or Canada. After coming to US, I have never visited to India Once and I heard from some one that we can go to Canada or Mexico for stamping if we did not visit to India once .. is that true

Can any one help me on this

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My experience for H-1B stamping.

Went to india last November 2011. And withing first week, I went for Stamping to Culcutta (Kolkata).

I'm Full time employee, and working directly for my employer. (No Client)

but the VO imagined that I work in EVC category even after explaining him twice. so I got green form. and I had to submit Employer-Employee relationship letter again to them. took 37 days for my passport to come back.

Sorry, took long to share my experience.

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