H1B Transfer query regarding LCA requirement - Please help!


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I work for an IT services company who had filed a H1B petition for me in 2010 for our client ABC. However there were certain unavoidable delays inbetween and that opportunity had passed. Meanwhile my H1B petition was approved but not stamped yet. Now I have an opportunity to travel and work for a different client, XYZ. So my company is now planning to file a H1B Transfer to XYZ.

The complication here is that even though we have all the necessary documents like LCA, Client letter, Transfer Memo, etc. from XYZ to whom we seek the H1B transfer, we unfortunately do not have an LCA from ABC, for whom the H1B petition was originally filed. (They can't post LCA as that project is over now).

Hence kindly advise if LCA must be posted by the original client (ABC) in the H1B Transfer petition even though I will actually be working for the new client (XYZ) after the transfer (who have already posted LCA)?

Eagerly awaiting suggestions from the experts, thank you for your help!

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