Job Change during I 140 Process applied


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Hello Mrs. Murthy,

I am working as a engineer thru COMPANY A for about 5.5 yrs (1 yr OPT + 4.5 yrs H1B). I have about 1.5yrs left for my H1B.I have filed my PERM (Approved) and I-140 (Applied and waiting for response almost 3months completed) thru COMPANY A.

Company B wants to Hire me Full Time. (I worked at Company B all these 5.5 yrs).

If I accept the offer from Company B and do I need to start PERM and I-140 Process all over again??

Would I lose the priority date as well (28 Dec 2010 is my priority date)??

If I were to change the employers would I wait till I-140 is approved , get an extension on my H1B and then shift to Company B and apply for my H1B transfer . Can I do that with the approved I-140 from my previous Employer??

Please advice.


Ramoji Ravuri

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I was in a similar situation few months back.

Was in my 8th yr and wanted to shift company. Once I got my I140 approved, sent the copy of approved I140 & H1b documents and moved to Company B with H1b extended for 3 yrs. The process took abt 2 weeks.

But now, I have a better offer from Company C ( the one I have been trying for few months).

1 > Is it safe to move to another company ?

2 > I spoke to Company C's HR, who confirmed that their attorney is ready to file for H1B transfer and doesnt see any risk

My details:

Category : EB3

PD : Dec 2008

Moved to Company B on : May 2011

H1B extended till : May 2014

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