H4 validity period for my spouse based on I-94 or H1B expiry?


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I am going to get married in September and my spouse will apply for H4 visa. I am wondering what will be the validity period of her visa.

My I-94 date is Feb 2012 and my H1b expires Sep 2012. Will she get her H4 till Sep? If it will be Feb, what is the procedure to renew.


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I have an earlier date(Feb 12)in my I-94 (instead of Sep 12 as in H1b) because my old passport was expiring during Feb 12. After that I have renewed my passport. So the next time I enter US, the I94 date will be Sep 12. So no problem for me.

But how about my wife. When she is interviewing for H4, my I94 date will be Feb 12 while the H1B date will be Sep 12. So what will her H4 expiry date be?

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