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This is my profile, please suggest me for EB2 or EB3

1993 – Bachelor of commerce with Audit special subject. (India)

2005 – Master of Computer (India)

2008 – 1 Year diploma from NIIT (India)

1992 to 2005 –Work as Senior Oracle database administrator in India and then moved to US.

Since March 2008 I am with current company, My Company is willing to file for EB2 or EB3 as job posting required minimum 5 year experience with Bachelor degree , but I will keep all option open for Attorney, can you please suggest which one is the best option? EB2 or EB3?

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As your B'lore degree is just 3 years, so, if you've Master degree of 3 years then you can file in EB2. As US masters is equivalent to 4 years B'lore + 2 years Masters = 6 years. So, your 3 years B'lore + 3 Years Masters = 6 years.

I'd same 3 + 3 years & got EB2. If you've Masters (6 years total) then no experience required to file in EB2. If you've exp then that fine too.

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Thanks a lot Sameer for your help and advice.

My company would like to publish job posting with Bachelor Degree and 10 year experience (this is real situation) , but Attorney is saying let’s post minimum 5 year experience with Bachelor Degree, Since Attorney is best the person who can decided the best option, we are ready to go with Attorney’s word……

My question is that, will this impact if someone reply to job posting? As real situation is that company need minimum 10 years experience candidates along with the production database administration.

My current experience is more than 15 years in same filed…..! After Master its 5+ years, do they count even current company’s experience?

Please advice.

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